Tuesday, 12 June 2007

New Bionic Woman Video on Youtube

I am so psyched about this show it's untrue. Like a proud father I have similar feelings for this video. Culled from the scant 4 minutes and 49 seconds of preview footage NBC uploaded to Youtube I have laboured long and hard to convert this "undownloadable" video stream into a format I could work with. Unfortunately Youtube converts it back to crappy low-rez flash video which brought back a lot of the artifacts my system spent nearly four hours removing.
I'm not bitter though, like I said I'm totally jazzed about this series, and the hours of work that went into this vid only make me appreciate it a lot more. I just wish we didn't have to wait nearly five months to see it....
The big surprise for me was Michelle Ryan. A British soap actress I didn't have much time for, she'd been in Eastenders for a few years, and being both female and having a pulse she did a few lads mags over the years. Sort of flying below my radar then. But she has got this part nailed, absolutely believable as the new Jamie Summers, a harder and much tougher Bionic Woman and from that accent you'd never guess she grew up a mile or so away from me in North London in the early 90s.
We're losing Battlestar next season, Studio-60, Drive and The Black Donnellys have already gone. I am praying Bionic Woman gets at least one full season. I want to watch one show that has balls next season, and no the irony of it having a half human woman as the central character hasn't escaped me.