Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Heroes Season 2 News and Spoilers

Some more news of the second season of Heroes.

One of the new characters is an Irish mobster who goes by name Ricky, or possibly Will, or maybe Blackie. It depends on which source you believe. Anyhoo, his sidekick will be a guy called Tuko who's of West African descent.

David AndersDavid Anders (Alias' Mr Sark) will play a character called Kane, he was born in Europe over a thousand years ago but now lives in America.

Although Nathan Petrelli's fate seems safe enough, one of the Heroes who "was in jeopardy" at the end of the finale, won't be returning as a regular. A quote from Greg Grunberg (Matt Parkman) would seem to point the finger in his direction, when asked if he'd be returning next season, the actor refused to be specific but said viewers shouldn't assume anything about about his fate adding "This will be the hardest secret I have ever had to keep during a hiatus."

Personally though I'm expecting to see Peter Petrelli on the bench. His character is simply too powerful and it must be a bitch for the writers to put him in dramatic situations he can't get out of by drawing on his arsenal of powers. Another snippet which'd support this theory is that one of the regulars is now suffering from amnesia. This would dig the writers out of a hole with regards Peter's all powerful character.

Jayma MRiyo Moriays probably won't be returning as Charlie, despite the actress' recent pilot tanking. It seems our favourite time traveller's new girl is the current Miss Universe no less. Twenty year old Riyo Mori is a dance student and actress. She recently went to audtion for the role of Yaeko where she read in her native Japanese as well as English. Hiro's certainly got something to smile about now.

Another beauty queen, this time a former Miss World Aishwarya Raiis also joining the cast. Aishwarya Rai will play Mohinder's sister, Shanti, and yes she's got some special powers. Hey this is Heroes after all!

She starts filming in LA by the end of June and she'll be on screen this October.

The second season is shaping up to be something of a Dania Ramirez babefest. As well as introducing a gay cheerleader called April... sorry I just had to reread that a couple of times... former Sopranos and X-Men graduate Dania Ramirez will be playing a latin Hero called Maya, her powers are being kept under wraps at the moment though.


Anonymous said...

I think this show sucks!!!

sunny said...

hey ,i am surprised by reading that "AISHWASRAYA RAI" will work in heroes!!!i am very happy and thanks for this news. i am an indian